Natural Ways to Keep Food Fresh

It happens many times that you just bought in some food and some days later you are throwing them away when they start to stink.In addition to the refrigerator there are some additional ways to help keep the food fresh longer.Here are some of  them:

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1.Spread some cloves around the place where you keep the food.It helps keep the ants away.

2.Keep some bay leaves inside the bags of rice,dough and similar food which insects like to live in.It will keep the lice away.But remember to change the leaves once in 3 months.

3.Sometimes cooked food kept in the refrigerator makes a bad smell.Put a half cut potato near it to absorb the smell away and keep the inside air of the refrigerator fresh.

4.Put the eggs with their pointed side being downward.It helps to keep them fresh longer.

5.Always store cucumber and tomatoes in separate case.Tomato releases gases which helps cucumbers to rot at faster rate.

6.Also don’t keep apples with other fruits and vegetables.Apples also release gas which helps other to rot faster.